Specialties Termini Brothers Bakery specializes in Italian confections, from Torrone to Cannoli, Biscotti to Sfogliatelle. All items are made using original recipes from founder Giuseppe Termini, who brought them to America from Enna, Sicily in 1921. Cannoli is our most beloved and renowned recipe. Each cannoli is made from scratch and created with original tools used by the founders. These treats require a 10-step process to create and involve at least 10 different bakers. When the cannoli are ordered, we hand-fill them for you in the store and dust them with confectioner’s sugar. Termini’s products are all made without the use of preservatives in our Flagship 8th St store kitchen. Stop in soon for a tour! History Established in 1921 Open since 1921, our family business represents a step into the past, where technology and automation take a back seat to artistry and old world craftsmanship. Termini Brothers Bakery has been handed down from father to son for three generations. The legacy of hard work, commitment to product quality and exceptional customer service continues to be the foundation of our business. In Philadelphia and across the United States, a Termini Brothers dessert has become a distinctive way to embrace family, friends and colleagues. Whether delivered for a holiday dinner, board meeting, as a way to say “Congratulations!” or to express sympathy, the Termini dedication to quality is evident in every bite. Today, with four retail locations and our online storefront, everyone has the opportunity to take a step into the past and savor the sweetness of a bygone era. Meet the Business Owner:
Joseph and Vincent Jr. T. Joseph and Vincent Jr. are the third generation of Termini’s to run the family business. Both brothers work in the kitchen as well as act as co-General Managers of two of the stores. Joseph is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University with a degree in Food Marketing, and Vincent Jr. is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Termini, are both still active in the business as well.

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