Specialties Holistic Home LLC offers green cleaning services and chemical-free cleaning products that are hand made with common, nontoxic ingredients paired with essential oils. They are biodegradable, therefore environmentally friendly. In fact, they all come from nature: they are derived from plants and minerals. Holistic Home’s products are customized to fit your household’s needs; we mix supplies to match particular surfaces in your house. We reuse our bottles and containers by simply refilling them upon your request. We strive to waste less. We are members of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. History Established in 2010 Having the doctorate degree in bioengineering, I wish we would educate ourselves more about the products we buy. Let’s be more mindful of their social and environmental impacts. Even products that claim to be “green” often contain toxic ingredients, like bleach. And all seem to be of “general purpose.” What they lack (aside from being produced with no respect for the environment or people’s health), in our opinion, is that they are not customized to specific needs. Every house is built differently; therefore every house requires its own cleaning supplies. There comes Holistic Home LLC.

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