Specialties Digital, Offset, Large Format, Screen Printing Local Service, Quick Turnaround, Short Run, Delivery Postcards, Brochures, Booklets, Posters, Folded Cards, CD Inserts, T-shirts History Established in 2008 Originally named iPrintFish and based out of Fishtown in Philadelphia, the company was started by Paul Yavarone, and was originally run from Paul’s living room. In 2008 the company was incorporated under the name Fireball Printing. Shortly after that, Catherine Dentino came on as a second partner, and since then Fireball Printing has been operating out of a combination art space and printing facility on Amber Street in Kensington. Meet the Business Owner:
Paul Y. Paul Yavarone is the founder of Fireball Printing, and one of the company’s two partners. Paul is also the founder and executive director of Big Art Show, where he has organized a multitude of events throughout the United States, bringing together a range of artists and musicians. Together, Paul and his partner Catherine have worked to establish Fireball as a leading printer for the arts and nonprofit sector of Philadelphia, as well as for local artists and individuals.

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