Specialties Is ghost investigations your passion? We do investigations and ghost hunts in and around Gettysburg. We will teach you how to use the latest equipment to see, hear and document paranormal activity in the most active locations in the Gettysburg area. You will communicate with ghosts just as you see on the television series “Ghost Hunters”!! We specialize in hunting down genuine paranormal activity and we want you to experience these events first hand. Every outing is a new experience and a unique event. History Established in 2012 We started private investigations in Washington, D.C. but found Gettysburg to be the most haunted area in the United States. We are not the typical ghost walk and talk tour or ghost hunt. You will experience paranormal events that will blow your mind. You will hear EVPs and see orbs and if you get lucky see a full bodied apparition. This is the final frontier……. Meet the Business Owner:
Susan L. Susan has been involved in the paranormal since a child. She is a sensitive and has experienced many paranormal events. It is her goal to teach others not to fear the unknown and to educate them. Although there are no experts in this subject and the learning process is ongoing, Susan wants to help and understand this fascinating subject and to share her findings with others.

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